My Custom Painting from Kichael Bono Fine Art

It's been 5 months since Qode Media has moved into our new office space, and the walls are completely bare. In the rush of renovations, hosting our first event, and hiring, I kind of forgot to actually decorate the place haha.

This custom piece was carefully crafted for me by Kichael Bono. Mixed media on canvas, this gorgeous painting has real flecks of gold leaf, and matches our logo. Check out her work here.

Here are a few other things I've matched it with:

These diffusers are super dope - I fill it with a few drops of lavender and it's a crucial part of my morning routine now.

This knife set is also on the way! I'm hoping they'll be a good make, I haven't seen many teal sets, so I kind of got excited haha.

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