How to get an A+ at The Rec Room's Ghostbusters VR Game

So once a year, limbo week happens.

It's this enchanting period between Christmas and New Years where no one knows that the agency I work for, Qode Media, is open. This means that the remaining team members (that didn't get a chance to take vacation) get to do something really cool.

This year, we went to The Rec Room for limbo week.

So price point is $24/person for 12 minutes, and it is worth every freaking dollar.

Carolyn Doidge, Jessica Lam (of, me

So first, you're suited up with a weighted vest, and a helmet that goes over your eyes & ears. The vest allows you to feel motion when you're hit by other blasters or ghosts, which was really cool! The helmet kind of peaked my anxiety briefly, but you can take it off mid-game if you ever need a breather.

So there are 5 different levels, and they come at you pretty damn quickly, so pay attention. In Trash Hugo's Place, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the ceiling came apart. Definitely recommend. The freaky apparitions that come at you are disconcerting (to say the least), I would recommend that you stop shooting and start whacking at them with your gun, like Jessica did. I think I cracked a rib laughing and screaming during this game. I think we all redeemed ourselves with those damn gargoyles though, SO much fun to shoot!

If you're here because you googled "where is the device in the Rec Room's Ghostbuster game", I'm not gonna spill the beans. But I probably already gave you a hint in this blog. Watch the full experience below!

So this was our scorecard! Pretty badass, right!?

The boys didn't fare so well:

I will definitely be back! Thanks for having us, Rec Room!

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