I tried meat for the first time in 11 years at Kūkūm Kitchen

Yup, you win Mom. Haha.

So I've been pescatarian for 11 years, and I've never really been tempted by meat until, well, yesterday.

So my diet for over the last decade has consisted of vegetables, fruit, eggs, dairy, and seafood. I stopped eating meat for a few reasons, 80% for sustainable reasons (the amount of water and resources it takes to farm meat etc), and 20% for a mix of others. It was never ethical for me, but as the years went on, it did become pretty crazy for me to perceive eating meat again.

So Connor and I took a trip down to Kūkūm Kitchen, which my friend Richie referred to me when I had polled my Facebook friends for local first nations related businesses.

First off, make a reservation if you're going to make the trip. Connor and I had made one and still needed to wait a little. The Manager, Vince, ended up explaining that 2 of his guys had called in sick, and gave us some complimentary champagne as thanks.

We ordered the Arctic Trio to start:

Yup, I tried seal meat. I remember hearing about animal activists trying to protest the use of seal meat in this restaurant, as if protecting seal rights was more important than actual Indigenous people who have had their culture & children absolutely mutilated by Canadians/western settlers up until 1996. I'm pretty thankful that I was able to try a dish like this, I couldn't really pass it up. First bite you can really taste the iron - the meat itself is black/red, and sticky. You can tell it's packed full of nutrients. It was an interesting texture, but the flavour was a bit too gamey for me in that format.

So Connor ordered the seared seal as well, which was absolutely out of this world. If you like blue meat or sashimi, this would be right up your alley. The taste is really complex, but the meat itself is chewy and succulent. I can see why this dish would have been popular in northern communities - it could keep you nourished and full for a very long time.

Dessert was a pine & citrus sorbet, and this was the part that really surprised me. THIS was crazy good. I couldn't really taste the citrus, but pine sorbet + dried berries was so refreshing. I can't place where exactly this took me, but I imagined I was just eating all of Canada's forests and fresh water lakes. Or something.

THIS is my new favourite tea, and I have no idea how to have it except for coming back to this restaurant. They take cedar planks, dehydrate them, and boil them. The result is this incredibly layered tea that is earthy, mildly sweet, and a little smoky. Completely farm to table, I really wish they would sell and package this stuff, because I need some at home.

Edit I found some yo: If you order this let me know how you dig it okay?

I hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. The verdict: definitely going back to Kūkūm Kitchen.

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