I flew to Mexico for a Weekend and Found This Hidden Restaurant

I took a weekend trip to Cancun, Mexico and found one of the most delicious seafood restaurants hidden in the upstairs of a convenience store. Yup, you read that right.

The outside is completely non-telling - plain white, no sign, etc. But once you get inside, you walk past the register to a circular staircase: (Click the video below)

Once upstairs, it's a gorgeous, seaside-view patio restaurant. This place is one of a kind. First off, there's no menu. Forget about it. Your server comes around and asks you what you like, and you literally just name off a few items. As you go they'll suggest portions or other items to accompany it. They make everything to order, and specific to your request. I told the owner (Julio) that I liked scotch, that I was interested in trying some tequila, and he brought over his recommendation. Pure. Magic.

I started with a dozen oysters, which were the freshest I've ever had. While we were waiting we literally saw a fishing boat coming into the dock - this seafood was incredibly delicious. I also ordered seared salmon, which was cooked to perfection, scallops, grilled shrimp, and a bit of pasta which was tossed in this amazing avocado sauz). Seriously 10/10, if you ever go to Cancun, check out the Restaurante y Cocteleria Marbella.

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