How to get your shit together in time for tax season

Something that has taken a fair amount of time to cultivate is my tax regime - it kind of sucks to figure out for the first time, and I thought I would put together what I do in case anyone is stuck trying to figure it out. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

1. Download Scannable (no, this post is not sponsored)

Scannable is this app that saves me loads of time at work, but mostly for tax season. You use your camera phone to take a photo of a document of any kind, and scannable detects where the document is, automatically crops it, and saves it. You can rapid fire scan any kind of document and then export is as a JPG or as a PDF. SUPER dope.

2. Get one of those pretty accordion folders that says lame things like "Do what they say you can't do"

You can get these puppies at Indigo for like $20, or Amazon for $12 (below). The important thing is that it isn't an eyesore, because if you can keep it in a fairly easy to access location you'll stay more organized. Mine is marble printed.👌🏾

You'll want to separate them by year to keep it simple. I just stuck sticky notes over each folder tab that say "2016" "2017" etc. Whenever I do my bi-monthly cleaning of my coat pockets (haha...) I'll dump all of my receipts into the 2017 tab without even looking. Easy.

3. Stop your paper billing

I mean, only good things should come in the mail in 2018. That means amazon deliveries, the occasional wedding invite, and cheques from the government. Period. Not to mention the waste of paper etc. But the biggest personal advantage - it's super easy to access all of your bills online. All I need to do is a quick email sweep of "Hydro" and "Internet Bill" and all 12 of my bills for each utility show up. SO efficient.

4. Start a Google Drive Folder

So I have a lovely person who I pay to do my taxes for me - if you're doing it yourself the process should be relatively the same. I create a "2017 Taxes" folder, and in it there's a few sub folders. Rent Receipts, Utilities, Transit, T4, Everything else. Use the scannable app to mass scan them at once, save as a PDF and hit share to Google Drive - voila! You're all done. Who says you need to be organized. Completed in less than 90 minutes. Let me know if this helps! Or if you have any suggestions. Best of luck, y'all.

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