I got my hair done by Bull Chic Beauty and you should too 💘

So last month, I was approached by a lovely woman by the name of Allyson. She asked me if I wanted to have my hair done and explained the business model - a mobile hair and make-up company dedicated to diversity.

So just a very quick thing to note here - no one, I mean NO ONE, not one single time, ever, has been able to do hair or make-up for me that looked good. Not once. Not from lack of trying either - I've met a lot of well-meaning people who really didn't know what to do with my face or hair. I've been the subject of a beauty school grad's final project that used foundation that was for a tanned caucasian person, and you could see a line where my face started and ended. I've had a professional make-up artist put sheer pink lipstick on me for a music video shoot, and I looked like a literal clown. The last time I went to the hair salon I paid $300 to get a horrible ombre that was the same shade of my skin at the ends. No one knows how to do make-up or hair for coloured women. This has been my experience, and to be honest it blows.

It means that my expertise is 100% better than "the experts" and I don't even bother seeking professional help anymore because I always end up disappointed. So I was pretty excited when I read Allyson's email about catering to diversity.

Allyson came to my apartment and did my hair while I answered emails and listened to music. Afterwards I was blown away - not only did she know what she was doing, it looked way better than anything I could have possibly done - it was professional, and specific to my hair. She used products that were nourishing and soft, and I felt like a million bucks. See the image below for the after shot (+ some wicked underboob, like heck)

I cannot stress this enough - if you are a woman of colour, and you have also been scorned into thinking that no one knows what the heck to do with your face or hair, try Bull Chic Beauty. Professional, trustworthy, and seriously a lovely human. I cannot possibly happily endorse this any more haha.

Tell Allyson I sent you for 10% off! xx

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