How to not lose motivation and keep doing things when you want to crawl into bed for a million years

I do a lot of thing at once - something this drives my crazy, other times I've got it on lock. Sometimes I truly lack the will to get out bed, especially when it's dark out. Here are a few things that I do to keep on track of your life.

1. Get a goddamn day planner

I feel like this shows up in every post I write haha. Without a dayplanner I'm useless - the digital ones have their merits too, but I need something tangible to physically cross off items, remember meetings, etc. Buy a dayplanner (one you really like) and one just for notes. Buy a pen you really like too while you're at it. Invest a bit of extra money in it so it's valuable to you. I'm always working on my penmanship so that's an added bonus.

2. Schedule blocks of "you" time, just like you would a meeting

This fantastic piece of advice came from a woman whom I admire very much, Michelle Slater of Twitter Canada. I find that if I don't block off times of my day for me, I never end up going to the gym, eating lunch, or even calling my parents. Your time is the most valuable asset that you have - once you get busy, it's easy to overwhelmed and neglect things that are for you. I always keep nail polish in my desk in case I've neglected myself too much, that way I can go the park, and because my nails are wet, not touch my phone or answer any emails.

3. Look for overlapping areas

Work is not ever just work, and you can't just leave your personal life at the door - the two have to co-exist in harmony, otherwise you're going to feel unfulfilled. When things get busy, see where your projects can be cross-lateral, and cut the fat. For example, when I'm posting for all of my social clients at the agency at a particular time, I post for my own Instagram too. It takes a portion of my energy to tack on one more post, and it's far more efficient to do it then, then take triple the amount of time out of my day to do it after hours. If you feel like you work in a place that wouldn't accept that, you should consider switching jobs. Balance is important. The same goes after hours - when I'm brainstorming ideas for myself, it's easier to keep on that creative flow for other clients too. Group like-minded tasks together, instead of sectioning your day into > work > play. You'll be surprised at how much more you can get done, and how less daunting it is to stay motivated when it doesn't feel like work. The flip side of this - know when to stop working, period.

4. Set realistic & incorrect deadlines for yourself

There are always two deadlines you should set - realistic and incorrect. I started doing this in university, because I realized that I am a serial procrastinator and I need to curb it. I will always set my realistic deadline in my day planner, but set an incorrect deadline 10 days early in my digital calendar. This means I'm feeling the pressure of completing a task well before I need to do it, so I have wide berth in case something comes up.

5. Pop Vitamin D like it's candy

You can buy the gummy version right now, and it will show up at your door in 2 days. You're welcome.

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