36 HOURS IN ICELAND VLOG | What you need to know 🇮🇸

My pal Aurora and I took a quick weekend trip To Iceland - I had no more vacation days left, but tickets were dirt cheap, and we were up for a quick adventure.

We flew with WOW Air - a new discount airline flying YYZ to KEF for under $200 roundtrip.

Here's what you need to know:

1. Pack your own food

Not because Icelandic food isn't delicious - it's expensive. 6 small buns, one package of cheese and a sandwich cost me $80 CAD. The ground covering the island is home to volcanic rock and sulphurous andosols, which doesn't leave much space to grow crops or livestock outside of sheep. Fermented shark is a local delicacy, which I was really excited to try, but I didn't get around to it. Which leads to my next point.

2. Keep track of time

Iceland can have up to 24 hours of sunlight or darkness between May-June, also known as the Midnight Sun. After Aurora and I flew from Toronto to Iceland, we touched down at 5:00AM. We had a full day, and around 10:00PM it still felt like it was 2 in the afternoon. We ended up missing out on a great restaurant one of our pals told us about because Icelandic spirits & beer are delicious. Bars also close at 1:00 AM - don't say I didn't tell you.

If you wanted to check out that restaurant, here are the instructions to find it (Thanks Jimmy!) "In Reykjavik there is a hidden restaurant that has no name and no sign - it just looks just like a regular house. They have amazing food, I definitely recommend going there. The address is Hverfisgata 12. Beige building, take the stairs on the left side of the building and you'll see a wooden door, go through that door and you'll find the restaurant."

3. Don't fuck with the hot springs

Haha, so, I'm an idiot, and here's why.

One of the first stops of our trip, we found a beautiful natural hot spring very close to the KEF airport. Me being me, I quickly jumped the barrier to get a closer look. See all of that alien-looking ground? Yeah THAT'S NOT SOLID. My shoe went right in, I could feel the heat nearly scalding me. Thankfully for me, I may be an idiot, but I'm a lucky idiot. No harm done here, but lesson learned.

Here's a small video of our trip - enjoy! Stay tuned for the list of spots you need to see.

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