A Hawaiian Food Tour with Tasting Kauai

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Tasting Kauai. As always, my opinions are my own.

If you're visiting Kauai, having good weather is really make or break. If it's raining, you can't really go surfing, hiking, diving or snorkelling. BUT you can eat all sorts of delicious food. Make sure you stop for a Hawaiian food tour with Tasting Kauai, and get everything there is to offer out of this beautiful island.

Stop #1. The Farmer's Market.

Everything in the Kauai Farmer's Market is fresh, fragrant, and colourful. You'll notice there's an abundance of turmeric, fresh veggies, aromatic pineapple and other tropical fruits, flowers and more. I recommend doing this tour at the beginning of your trip so you can stock up on fresh produce for the rest of the week. At least 51% of products sold here must be produced by Hawaiian farmers, so you know you're really helping the local economy. This was easily my favourite part of the tour - try to show up a bit early so you can spend some extra time walking around & shopping.

Included in the tour, we had our choice of freshly-baked goods from Haole Girl Sweets, a delicious tasting plate from Harmonious Roots, and a handmade popsicle from Ono Pops.

Haole Girl Sweets

This sticky bun was made by Haole Girl Sweets. SO fresh and delicious. If you don't go on this tour - find a way to get your hands on some of her signature croissants.

Harmonious Roots

Harmonious Roots offers Persian-styled fare with local ingredients. Good for you and delicious, I came back for seconds haha. The owner was really sweet too.

Ono Pops, well, this speaks for itself. I had already tried one of their popsicles when we stopped at a Coffee Plant earlier in the trip. Their popsicles are handmade, with real fruit, and clearly no filler/water. You guys know I like a good popsicle - I hate the lack of handmade icecream/popsicles in Canada, it's always my go-to when I visit a new country. SO yummy.

Stop #2. Go Farm Hawaii

The second portion of our tour happened to be on a plot of farmland, owned by GoFarmHawaii. We learned that only 10% of the food produced in Hawaii is actually eaten in Hawaii, which is really insane if you think about it. Soils are poor due to the volcanic makeup of the island, and strenuous water washing out important minerals and nitrogen.

Go Farm Kauai

Stop #3. Verde Restaurant

Next, we stopped at Verde Restaurant for some handmade stuffed sopaipillas with makaweli kaua'i beef, potatoes, cheese and chile sauce. I got the veggie version: Veggie sopaipillas with local salad greens, homemade Chili lime dressing, guac, pico de halo, potatoes, green Chili sauce and cheese. This puffy pastry was hella delicious. Nearly all ingredients were sourced from the island, making is super sustainable and really excellent for the Kauai economy.

Verde Kauai

Stop #4. Kauai Brewing Company

The last stop was a brewery, and was definitely the most interesting portion. Kauai Brewing started in 2012, as the owner noticed a lack of microbreweries on the island. Only exporting to two small restaurants, this small brewery has plans for expansion in the next coming years due to popularity and need for more brewing/bottling space. If you want to taste their beer, for now you'll have to go there directly. Hopefully we will see some of their signature beers available on the consumer market soon. This father-son brewing team usually have 8 beers on tap.

This is a citrus wheat beer, which was honestly delicious. There you have it! These were the highlights - though I have been told that they are planning on making some tweaks to this tour. Would you try this tasting tour? Let me know in the comments!

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