Honest Review of HideSeek, the New Toronto Pop-up!

The newest pop-up experience has just hit Toronto. Are you ready for HideSeek?

Like its predecessors before it, colourful pop-ups typically serve as a content playground for influencers and bloggers alike. However, this space is a bit different, and this one advantage will allow this space to be successful where it’s competitors could not.

The reviews from other pop ups are always the same - not enough substance, not engaging enough, and too long lines or wait times.

HideSeek already corrects the first of the two, by making this space more focused on a nostalgic playground than an Instagram content backdrop.

HideSeek is not simply a space to take Instagram photos. It’s actually a snort-while-laughing candidly fun experience.

All of the fixtures are meant to be held, played with & moved around. You really can pelt Velcro balls in a 3 wall Velcro enclosure. There is a blue opal-hued bead curtain passage that seems to last forever (word of advice - put your hair up. This kind of tugs haha). There is a ball pit that will literally swallow you whole. I straight up couldn’t get out. But unlike Happy Place, or even cafés like Labsense that have ball pits, this pit is not about photos. It’s actually about playing. No one is going to usher you out of the way, and there’s no pressure to get out of someone’s shot. There’s also a “secret room” that seems to mimic Yayoi Kusama’s infinity mirrors, with an extra glow-in-the-dark element. The funny part is, as it needs to be dark enough for light objects to glow, it’s very difficult to take a good photo in there.

If HideSeek really wanted to step it up, they could run a pilot for certain days that include a no photo policy. Let people really enjoy themselves, and hire photographers to take photos for ticket goers on those days instead. There’s a certain demographic that gets really frustrated waiting behind content creators. Making an option available might convince some of the “experience only” folks to come out.

The space officially opens tomorrow, Saturday March 30th. Once it’s live, we’ll know how they do with capacity issues and long lines. I have high hopes. For more photos, peek my insta, specifically the Canada highlight.

Have you gone to HideSeek? Would you go here? Comment below!

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